Disinfectant spray for hands, textiles and surfaces

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Disinfectant spray for hands, textiles and surfaces

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Protect yourself against viruses, fungi and bacteria with Natrudes disinfectant spray. Thanks to the active ingredient 2-propanol, Natrudes disinfectant spray removes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.

Whether in the bathroom, kitchen, workplace or car: viruses and bacteria often settle in places that are difficult to reach with conventional disinfectants. The unique technology of the Natrudes spray head ensures that the disinfectant reaches even hard-to-reach areas. Natrudes patented spray head distributes the active ingredient in a fine mist over surfaces, textiles and skin. This prevents parts of surfaces from not being covered by the disinfectant.

  • Disinfection spray for hands, surfaces and textiles
  • Free of refatting agents and additives
  • Effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses, such as the coronavirus
  • Applicable in hygienic and clinical areas
  • Low in allergens and free of dyes
  • Simple and effective application due to the unique spray head of Natrudes disinfectant spray

Protect yourself, your family, friends and colleagues by using Natrudes disinfectant spray! Natrudes disinfectant is available in both large and handy pocket sizes so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Wilma Elles - Natrude's advertising ambassador

The well-known actress Wilma Elles has been a Natrudes brand ambassador since 2022. We warmly welcome Wilma to our Natrudes family and look forward to great things together!

NATRUDES – your reliable Disinfection spray for household & on the way

Did you know that viruses, fungi and bacteria also collect on non-washable textiles? Use Natrudes with the patented spray head for this as well.


Conventional pump spray heads usually do not distribute disinfectant sufficiently. As a result, uneven surfaces, edges and corners are insufficiently covered with the active ingredient. This quickly creates new breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Not so the Natrudes disinfectant spray!

The patented Natrudes spray head distributes the active ingredient through an homogeneous, fine mist over the entire surface to be disinfected. Even inaccessible corners are reached by the aerosol spray. Conventional pump spray heads have to be actuated several times, so that a part of the surface to be treated can be quickly overlooked between two pump strokes. This untreated part is the starting point for the new spread of fungi, bacteria and viruses, such as the coronavirus. Natrudes’ fine spray mist covers the surfaces and areas of skin that you wish to disinfect evenly. When applied to the skin, you will notice for yourself how thoroughly your skin is treated. Feel maximally protected with Natrudes disinfectant mist.

(Use biocidal products with care. Always read label and product information before use).


The Natrudes disinfectant spray is a versatile all-rounder. Use it on surfaces such as tabletops, steering wheels, keyboards, textiles and sports equipment. Even in the clinical sector, the disinfectant can be used without any concerns due to its tested and licensed effectiveness.

Auch für Textilien geeignet

Auf vielen Oberflächen

Natrudes is perfectly suited for use on the skin. Simply take the disinfectant spray in a handy pocket format with you at all times. This way you can easily and effectively free your hands of viruses, bacteria and fungi at any time.

The active ingredient 2-propanol denatures proteins so that the membranes of micro-organisms are attacked by the disinfectant. This leads to the elimination of the micro-organisms.


Protect yourself and your whole family. The Natrudes disinfectant is fast acting. Disinfect your and your loved ones’ hands with a disinfectant that is also suitable for medical and hygiene critical areas for maximum protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses, such as Corona, MRSA and Noro. Simply spray on and continue your everyday life with a safe feeling. Thanks to its rapid drying,Natrudes disinfectant can be used at any time and anywhere.

The skin compatibility of our Natrudes 3in1 Disinfectant Spray was rated Very Good by dermatest®.

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